Tuesday, August 31, 2010

World War II insignia

These were in a little box marked "Probably Kirby's," in handwriting I don't recognize. It was passed on by one of my aunts.

I only recognize tech corporal and the sergeant's stripes. Can anyone name the others? I'm not positive they're all my dad's, but I know he worked with trucks and jeeps, and was a sergeant when he left the service.

Thanks for any help!


  1. Unit patches. They designate the units he served with.


    The one top left is 7th Army
    Top right is for 5th Armored Division

    Those two are official. The one middle right I didn't find on a quick perusal, it's likely an unofficial patch for a small division or a specific mission.

    The ribbon is the Army Good Conduct medal.

  2. The rank is Staff Sgt.

    The middle right patch is the WWII 2nd Air Force patch.

    Brenda in SC

  3. I had thirteen views from Germany for this post, I think. If someone could show me a link to where it was mentioned or discussed, I'd be interested! Thanks.