Thursday, February 27, 2014

Plagiarism #5 Jan Hunt's list

I'm not looking for the person's name; I know who it is. I want help with documentation. Thanks.

Starting middle of the second page there, it's from this:

Maybe the parts before and after that list are lifted, too; I hope someone recognizes some of it. has two unschooling search forms, but they don't cover Jan Hunt's page. So it might be worth searching for a distinctive phrase and Jan Hunt, if you think more might be from her site.




  1. Thanks for looking into this. My publisher and I were able to have her book taken out of publication, and removed from Amazon. I've just sent you a more detailed email about this.

    Best wishes,

    Jan Hunt, M.Sc., Director
    Natural Child Project

  2. The Letting Go of Control writing on pages 92/93 are lifted from this article by Julianne Idleman

  3. The listing on pages 88/89 is from

    Plagiarizing a list that ends with the word plagiarising. How droll.