Sunday, April 8, 2012

Volunteer tree, my back yard

This tree is in its fourth or fifth year, having come up all voluntarily. This year it's flowered/blossomed, right out of a branch, and maybe there's enough now for someone to recognize it. It's about three and a half feet high, with purplish bark (as a baby tree), so I thought maybe plum? But the blossom doesn't look like plum.

2013 UPDATE!

The tree is five feet tall, has lots of blossoms. I'm putting the 2013 photos here:


  1. "Facebook friends thing"!? THINK.
    Not only think, they knew, with links to photos. :-)

  2. Brought from facebook because it's hard to get back to those notes:
    Edith C Laflamme
    What's the scientific name for this redbud tree ? I found: Cercis canadiensis / Cercis siliquastrum... Is it right ? If yes, so in French, it is called "Arbre de Judée" (Judas tree or something like that). It has wonderful pink flowers !

  3. We have redbud in texas all over the place. You were in texas off and on maybe a seed stuck to you ^^